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Can diseases be cured by food ?

Food has been given great emphasis in Zero Therapy. To know more about it visit Shri Vipin Chand Bomb is the founder of Zero Therapy. Shri Vipin Chand Bomb is doing business in heat and heat related products. Shri Vipin Chand Bomb has been conducting sessions on Zero Therapy on all Mondays at fixed time of 8.05pm for past 5 years without a single Monday break, individually, single handedly, which is a sort of a record for an individual. Shri Vipin Chand Bomb was awarded the title of "Vishwa Keerthi Sri Sama Udana Lokaththa Chari" from Sri Lanka. He was awarded "For the sake of honor" award by Rotary Club of Madras North - RI 3230, India. Shri Vipin Chand Bomb is past president of Rotary Club of Chennai Mid city - RI 3230, India. He has converted over 1000 meat eaters, egg eaters into vegetarian way of life.

So, What is Food ?

Food is disease. Food is health. Food is cure. Food is solution. One such solution offered is by Shri Vipin Chand Bomb, Founder Zero Therapy. Food gives you thought. Food gives you behaviour. Food gives you character. Food gives you physical strength. Food gives you mental strength. Food gives you emotional strength(Spiritual power is completed with purity of soul). Food can make life. Food can mar life. Right food is harmonizing of body, mind and soul – physical, mental and emotional. Wrong food is disease – physical disease, mental disease, impure soul. Food must be eaten along with family members for better harmony than food eaten individually. Food has 2 male vowels which gives you positive energy. Fool also has 2 male vowels but phonetic pronunciation of fool has negative energy. Food is the energy for mind and soul, hence the meaning of food has got to be vegetarian food and not meat, flesh and egg. The reason is flesh, meat and egg gives one negative energy. Means take out the energy from body even though it may give physical strength – only for muscle but not stamina. Food for herbivorous animal is only vegetarian food. So, it implies that food taken by human being should also be termed as Vegetarian food and the meaning of food in dictionary should change. The length of intestine of human being and herbivorous animals are almost same and in carnivorous animals, the length of intestine is very very small. Any enquiries may be sent to . The moment food goes on the tongue it builds up the cell and builds up character before it goes to stomach for digestion. This may help treating the dead cells in cancer by energizing the cell to make them live and the live cells throw the dead cells out of the body in the form of blood stool. For a civilized society food should be made a compulsory subject in the school so that the whole world is peaceful, provided the meaning of food is well understood as only and only Satvik food. Food grown under the ground is not allowed in Satvik food. The meaning of food as I have understood:

  • F – Flower and Fruits
  • O – offered
  • O – out of devotion
  • D – to Deity.

as appearing in Zero Therapy book, “105 glimpses of diagnosis in Zero Therapy”.

Cheetah can run fast for 200 meters(Cheetah is carnivorous) but it is horse which can run faster for long distance and maintain the same speed, that is known as Stamina. The simple reason for Horse, Elephant and Camel for use in War and even in Chess is due to Stamina. Science has recognized the power of electric motor as Horse Power and not Cheetah and Lion Power because motor has to run for a long time.

The origin of food is ‘fodda’ in French Language which again originated from fodder. Fodder means dry grass. Again food for herbivorous.

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